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HMS Hood by tr4br HMS Hood by tr4br
HMS Hood (pennant number 51) was the last battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy. One of four Admiral-class battlecruisers ordered in mid-1916, her design—although drastically revised after the Battle of Jutland and improved while she was under construction—still had serious limitations. For this reason she was the only ship of her class to be completed. She was named after the 18th-century Admiral Samuel Hood.

Hood's usefulness had deteriorated because of advances in naval gunnery. She was scheduled to undergo a major rebuild in 1941 to correct these issues, but the outbreak of World War II forced the ship into service without the upgrades.

In May 1941, she and the battleship HMS Prince of Wales were ordered to intercept the German battleship Bismarck which was en route to attack convoys in the Atlantic. On 24 May 1941, Hood was struck by several German shells early in the Battle of the Denmark Strait and exploded; the loss had a profound effect on the British. Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered the Royal Navy to "sink the Bismarck", and they fulfilled his command on 26–27 May.

Of the 1,418 crew, only three men survived. They were rescued about two hours after the sinking by the destroyer HMS Electra.
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tikanyis Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015
I wasn't aware of the 18th Century Admiral Hood...I will stand corrected...i know that Admiral Hood's widow was the one who broke the champaign bottle on the bow when she was launched...
tikanyis Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015
Ironically the HMS Hood was named after Admiral Hood who was on his flagship that was sunk at the Battle of Jutland from the same situation; the magazines exploding...
slimies Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
one of my friends had a cousin who was on the ship and went down with her
moosemin Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014
Well, what do you know! It came out as a link!! Just click it on, and enjoy!!
moosemin Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014
tr4br's photo of HMS HOOD clearly shows her beautiful lines, a very handsome warship. As a young boy, during the 1960's, one of my first plastic model kits was Lindberg's HOOD. Years later, as an adult, I purchased the same kit, and added brass railings and after-market accessories to make a better model. Since then, Trumpeter Models has come out with a very accurate, detailed version in 1/350 scale.
I don't know how to transfer a link, but copy the URL below, and see what an English modeler did with his kit of Hood, and Bismarck as well!…
HyperSonicXdA Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Something I find very touching, is that after she broke in two, both sections started to sink by the midship; her forwardmost turret managed a final salvo before she disappeared beneath the waves. 

Would've been a great thing if that salvo would've hit Bismarck or Prinz Eugen in a fatal manner. 
TheSoullessRedbeard Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Every time I think of the Mighty Hood or see a picture I'm glad that we German not build something like the Bismark.
Demon61 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Rest in Peace HMS Hood and all of her crew.
jackherler Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
o no here comes the Bismarck
Rau-Le-Creuset Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
It was 4 1/2 minutes into the battle that the Hood exploded. Bismark's first broadside missed, the second found the range, with a hit scored to her amidships, the third salvo was a direct hit, 2 hits, one shell hit her number 3 turret, destroying it, and disabling the 4th as well, and about 90 seconds later the 2nd shell scored perfectly through her deck arm just behind the forcastle, it was armor tipped, meaning it dove down 6 decks before it exploded near the powder room of the number 1 turret, the resulting explosion of said powder literally blew Hood in half, and she sank in just over a minute.

It has been recorded as the shortest dual between capital-class dreadnaughts(battleships) in world-naval history.
Rau-Le-Creuset, I'm not sure if your referencing a different ship.

The fifth salvo from the Bismarck hit the ship's magazine for X Turret resulting in a catastrophic explosion below the main mast, which tore it in half, and it sank in less than three minutes.

Bismark was a Battleship, Hood was an upgraded Battlecruiser, she did not have the sufficient deck armour on the aft half to counter plunging rounds.

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